"We found Officetrax through another user, and from the initial demo we knew it was what we were looking for."

- Scott Holland, Facilities Director

Wallis Companies

Convenience Store Operator and Petroleum Distributor, Wallis Companies, is much more than just Petroleum Distribution. They also operate Great River Wash, Wallis Lubricants, and Wallis Transport. The maintenance team at Wallis Companies is made up of a Director, Service Manager, Dispatcher, and 10 technicians.

1. Challenges

Wallis Companies was looking to grow as a company in 2005 and knew they'd need a software platform that could grow with them and provide enough efficiencies that they wouldn't need to add a lot more headcount to their support team.

  • No way to track locations, employees, or equipment in real-time
  • Had $150,000 in parts and no controls in place to ensure they could track them
  • Needed something easy to use for their non-tech savvy employees
  • They had an inefficient workflow from service request through to invoice

2. The Journey

Wallis Companies looked at a few solutions but they required huge upfront fees, were server based, required hardware upgrades, plus on-going maintenance fees.

The Officetrax support team has been there every step of the way, and has continued to help with improvements and modifications.

3. Goals

  • Streamline processes from service request to invoice
  • Create real-time reports to track R&M cost in detail
  • Improve response time and reduce the number of return trips
  • Allow technicians to track inventory (costs, quantities, etc.) and buy and sell parts
  • Have the ability to make better repair/replace decisions on assets

4. The Solution

Wallis Companies deployed Officetrax's cloud-based SaaS solution to gain visibility and new efficiencies across its facilities management team.

5. Results

  • Reporting features allowed the team to demonstrate to their operations team improvements in response time, reduction in return trips, and overall R&M cost savings
  • Officetrax's team of Accounts Specialists continually assist to make improvements and custom modifications to the system since 2006
  • Wallis Companies was able to more than double their location and technician count without having to grow their office support by using Officetrax
  • Have almost completely eliminated the need for paper or phone calls
  • Went from $150,000 in parts to $250,000 with better controls in Inventory and were able to track individual pieces of equipment to make better repair/replace decisions
  • Inventory also allowed Wallis Companies to reduce the number of return trips
  • Alerts have allowed their store managers the ability to see the status of service requests for better transparency

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