Legacy FMS

"The ability for Officetrax to make adjustments on a one-to-one basis is vital to our success."

- Matthew Cicalo, Director of Operations

Legacy Group Enterprises

Legacy Group Enterprises is the culmination of people at all levels within the Facility Maintenance industry taking their experience and expertise they have acquired over the years and mixing it with a combination of modern technology and the high level of customer service of the past. They currently have approximately 26,500 locations. Legacy provides all maintenance trades as well as preventive services, project management, customized programs, and millwork manufacturing.

1. Challenges

Legacy as challenged by their client base to provide real-time information. Prior to Officetrax they were using manual data sorting in Excel which meant they were looking for something like the Officetrax customer portal to replace Excel.

2. The Journey

Legacy attempted to overcome their challenges first by using web crawlers and Excel experts who could manipulate their data as close as possible to what was needed. However, this was extremely time consuming and results were a marginal success.

We considered three other maintenance software platforms, but none of the other providers could commit to the customizations we required.

3. Goals

  • Track work order history
  • Manage vendor database
  • Customize reports and data for clients
  • Have an easy-to-use solution for technology challenged employees

4. The Solution

Legacy decided to use Officetrax's cloud-based SaaS maintenance application. Having worked with Officetrax before, as well as other software platforms, the team at Legacy were able to easily and intimately get to know the system.

5. Results

  • Allowed a reduction in time spent training new employees
  • Reminders and alerts help eliminate mistakes
  • Allowed Legacy to go paperless
  • Efficiencies in Officetrax increased the amount of work an individual can handle

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