"[Officetrax] provides more accurate information internally, assisting in budget management and planning on a monthly and annual basis."

- Matt Brand, Facilities Manager, RFMP

Car Toys

Car Toys is a specialty retailer that sells mobile electronics with 49 locations in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. The Company started in the Seattle area in 1987. There are two employees in the Facilities/Design and Construction department.

1. Challenges

Car Toys was using an access-based database for facilities maintenance but they noticed that lead to a few problems:

  • Communication with vendors was limited and through email which left information in multiple areas/programs
  • Basic information such as spend by asset type was not easily found
  • There was no way to evaluate their vendors

2. The Journey

Car Toys evaluated a few software options but ended up choosing Officetrax because of the ease of use.

The communication with vendors and stores became much easier using [Officetrax] versus the database. It shortened the amount of time to perform activities including issuing work orders, RFP through the site with vendors, vendor invoicing, and reporting functionality.

3. Goals

  • Wanted to reduce the amount of time spent on issuing work orders and invoice coding
  • Needed to be able to create reoccurring reports as needed
  • Wanted a way to evaluate their service providers
  • Needed a more efficient way to communicate with service providers

4. The Solution

Car Toys implemented Officetrax's cloud-based SaaS platform to manage their maintenance workflow. There were a few challenges with transitioning from their previous solution to Officetrax but those were overcome by receiving great customer support from the Officetrax Account Specialist team during implementation.

5. Results

  • Work Order Management allowed Car Toys to reduce the amount of time spent issuing and tracking work orders
  • Invoicing and Reporting allowed for more accurate ways to analyze cost information and other vendor performance benchmarks to look at the bigger picture for high cost trade vendor pricing savings, easier bid process, and a more accurate way to see vendor response time, and comparing vendors side by side.

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