Canadian Tire

"Officetrax is amazing to deal with in terms of flexibility to adapt the system to meet our needs"

- Al MacDonald, Petroleum Operations

Canadian Tire Petroleum

Canadian Tire Pretroleum operates 300 Gas+ branded service stations across Canada.

1. Challenges

Canadian Tire Petroleum had a decentralized maintenance program where operators contracted and/or completed their own maintenance. Operators could request replacement of an asset where often there was no record of that asset's previous replacement. Without this knowledge, Canadian Tire Petroleum would run the risk of replacing assets that might only be a few years old. Their main challenges were:

  • Lack of detailed fixed asset lists which made it hard to track age and life cycle
  • Limited real-time control of maintenance spending made it difficult to ensure funds were being spent on the right things

2. The Journey

Canadian Tire Petroleum looked at various solutions and processes including developing their own asset database.

We didn't have a reliable record of what we had out there in terms of many of our asset categories. For example, which sites had which brand of HVAC and when it was installed. We had a fair idea of the major equipment but we lacked a centralized data warehouse with that information.

3. Goals

  • Ensure maintenance and repairs were being completed consistently but also being done reliably and to the same high standard across the network
  • Gain a better picture of inventory and assets

4. The Solution

Canadian Tire Petroleum decided to use Officetrax's cloud-based SaaS maintenance application. Having worked with Officetrax before at pilot locations successfully, they rolled it out nationally to all of their gas stations. Their biggest challenge implementing was building their data. "There's so much information that needs to go in but the nice thing about Officetrax is that once we got the baseline work done we were able to build as we went," says MacDonald.

5. Results

  • Now have the ability to identify key cost-saving areas
  • Are able to identify and improve on any weaknesses in their workflow
  • Reporting allows them to identify parts or equipment that are problematic so that they can be addressed with manufacturers
  • Customizability allows Officetrax to adapt to meet Canadian Tire Petroleum's needs

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