Branded Group

"I have utilized Officetrax for the majority of my career and I cannot imagine handling our workload without it."

- Kiira Esposito, VP of Business Development

Branded Group

Branded Group is a Nation-wide Facility and Construction Management company with approx. 30 employees. Branded Group handles on-demand repair and maintenance/projects for corporate companies with multiple locations. They subcontract services to local technicians nation-wide.

1. Challenges

Branded Group has been using Officetrax since the start. However, prior to being with Branded Group, Kiira Esposito (VP of Operations), faced many problems which lead to working with Officetrax at Branded Group:

  • Lack of ability to track and note jobs
  • No reminders or follow-ups on jobs which left work falling through the cracks
  • Reporting from Excel resulted in skewed data
  • Tracking service calls in spreadsheets was inefficient

2. The Journey

Inefficient workflows at previous companies lead the Branded Group team to start working with Officetrax immediately.

We had to touch every job, every day, to make sure nothing got missed. That is such an inefficient way to handle the workload, but we had no other option. We looked at each job daily, or we missed something.

3. Goals

  • Needed a proper work order tracking and execution system
  • Needed a way to gain insights into daily jobs
  • Needed a way to manage all customer and location data fast and efficiently

4. The Solution

Having worked with Officetrax at previous companies, when Branded Group was created, it was an easy choice to start working with Officetrax's cloud-based SaaS platform to manage their maintenance workflow. They knew that without a system like Officetrax, they were spending too much time on day-to-day tasks.

5. Results

  • Reporting features allowed the team to provide analytics to their customers which helps them stand out as a management company. They are now able to help their customers track their spend and reoccurring issues.
  • Follow Up Reminders help the team stay on top of jobs without having to check them daily
  • Keeping track of vendors is easy with Vendor Management
  • Customized Features have also been made to help Branded Group's specific workflow

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