Project & Task Management

Manage details of your projects and tasks. Assign teammates, set timelines, and more.

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Gantt Chart

Visually plan and scheduling using the interactive Gantt chart in Officetrax.


Upload and attach all relevant documents and files to your projects to stay organized.

Import / Export

Quickly import existing projects, or easily export your data to an excel file.

Calendar & Events

Schedule events in your Calendar and see all upcoming / past events.


Roles allow you to set permissions so that users only have access to the features and settings they need.


Set Privacy for each record in Officetrax so that your users are only ever seeing what they're meant to see.


Use our Global Search, Page Search, or Advanced Search options to find what you're looking for.

Activity Feeds

Activity Feeds keep a historic timeline of actions so you never forget where you left off.


Keep Notes on each record in Officetrax. Notes are searchable and appear in your Activity Feed.


Invite your teammates to a collaborative discussion on any record in Officetrax.


Workspaces allow you to sort the type of data you want to view in Officetrax.