Manage your daily operations from a single Dashboard.

Officetrax helps you track, manage, and report from one central location - whether you're on the go or in the office.

  • Get Control On Inventory

    You can easily create inventory purchase orders, transfer around inventory, and manage all items.

  • Customizable to Suit You

    Request customizations to make Officetrax suit unique workflow that your may business have.

  • Easy to Use

    Officetrax can be used by even the most non-tech savvy users. It's mobile, cloud based, and works on any browser.

Create invoices on the go

Quickly create attractive invoices that can be sent to your customers for approval.

You have control over all line items including adding markups, discounts, or taxes. You are also able to add a message to your customer and a disclaimer. If you aren't ready to send your Invoice yet, you can save a draft that allows you to continue to modify it as the scope of work changes.

You can also view analytics on your past invoices, such as your average invoice total.

Easily Gather Data With Reports

Quickly create Ad Hoc reports based on criteria that you choose. Ad Hoc reports allow you to accurately analyze different statistics and data in a data summary report. They're easy to set up and can even be displayed on your dashboard for future use.

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Connect to your Customers

Service Agent is a Service Provider directory that allows you to be seen by other Officetrax customers who can then begin dispatching work orders to you. You will be automatically alerted to new work orders so you never miss a thing.

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  1. Set up your company profile - set rates, insurances, etc.
  2. Display your profile in Service Agent
  3. Start a Service Agreement with your Customer
  4. Begin receiving work orders

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