Streamline your Maintenance workflow.

Your workflow process is steamlined to track, manage, and report from one central location with real time updates.

  • Improve Tenant Satisfaction

    Allow tenants to submit work orders from the Customer Portal to decrease service calls and improve communication.

  • Customizable to Suit You

    Request customizations to make Officetrax suit unique workflows that your may business have.

  • Easy to Use

    Officetrax can be used by even the most non-tech savvy users. It's mobile, cloud based, and works on any browser.

Source new Service Providers

Service Agent is a Service Provider directory that helps you quickly source new Service Providers to conduct business with. Sort each provider by criteria, such as trade or location, to find someone who works in the field you need service in.

  1. Request rates from the Service Provider to begin
  2. Review and negotiate rates until you create a new Service Agreement
  3. Begin Dispatching to your new Service Provider

Easily Gather Data With Reports

Quickly create Ad Hoc reports based on criteria that you choose. Ad Hoc reports allow you to accurately analyze different statistics and data in a data summary report. They're easy to set up and can even be displayed on your dashboard for future use.

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Safeguard Your Business

Role hierarchy settings control who can access which areas of the application. Add even more security with Privacy Settings. Only the employees meant to see certain data, or control certain areas of the application are able to do so.

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Simple to start - powerful at scale.

Officetrax is a comprehensive solution that is simple to use and easy to support as you scale it out across your business.

Connect With & Manage Tenants

  • Tenants can submit Work Orders in Customer Portal
  • View all location info such as Lease information
  • Gather analytics on locations such as avg. monthly spend

Connect to Service Providers

  • Source new Service Providers in Service Agent
  • Create Service Agreements
  • Electronically dispatch work orders to Service Providers
  • Rate your Service Providers based on job satisfaction

Ready to get started?


Ready to get started?

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