Accounts & Contacts

Keep track of all the important details of your Accounts and Contacts.

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Territories are customer groups that specific people on your team are responsible for.


Track each of your Leads and separate Qualified Leads from Prospects.

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Opportunities allow you to manage Qualified Leads that have entered your company's buying cycle.

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Add your Products into Officetrax to track what you're selling and to who.

Custom Pipelines

Create Pipelines that are helpful in showing you exactly where the money is in your sales process.


Keep all relevant documents and information relating to a marketing campaign in Officetrax.

Mass E-Mail

With the click of a button you can send personalized email to hundreds, even thousands, of your contacts.

Project Management

Collaborate with you Team on tasks to increase productivity and meet more deadlines.

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Gantt Chart

Use the interactive Gantt Chart to schedule your Tasks and visually see your workflow.

Task Management

Manage each task, assign teammates, discuss, and track time.

Time Tracking

Keep time logs so you know what you're spending your time on each day.

Support Management

Track and manage Incident tickets, Problem tickets, and Change Requests.

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Customer Portal

Allow your customers access to a Customer Portal to check on ticket status and more.

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Easily create custom branded Quotes, with your logo, in any currency.

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Tax Management

Set default taxes so that when you create a Quote, they're automatically applied.


Keep Notes on each record in Officetrax. Notes are searchable and appear in your Activity Feed.


Invite your teammates to a collaborative discussion on any record in Officetrax.

Activity Feeds

Activity Feeds keep a historic timeline of actions taken with a record so you never forget where you left off.


Workspaces allow you to sort the type of data you want to view in Officetrax.

Import & Export

With the click of a button, you can Import or Export data to / from Officetrax.


Set Privacy for each record in Officetrax so that your users are only ever seeing what they're meant to see.


Roles allow you to set permissions so that users only have access to the features and settings they need.


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