Easier ways to manage maintenance for subcontractors.

Officetrax is designed to give you the power to organize, schedule, and track your maintenance activities more efficiently. The CMMS keeps detailed records of repair and maintenance history and securely connects you with your customers and Service Providers.

Efficiency = Time.
Time = Money.

For Subcontractors or NMOs that equation is magnified since you're dealing with multiple service providers in order to get work done for multiple customers. Officetrax has features to help ensure greater efficiency, better communication and provides data to turn real-time data into actionable insights.

Invoice Management

Create branded invoices on the go.

Quickly create attractive invoices that can be sent to your customers for approval.

Add markups, discounts, taxes, a message to your customer, or a disclaimer. Each invoice will include your logo and customizations to the message and disclaimer.

You can also see the status of each invoice so that you know which ones require your attention, which haven't been sent yet, and of course, the approved ones.

Problem Setup

Work Orders & PMs

Simplify your work order management & increase your assets' life span.

Quickly and easily create, assign, dispatch, accept, and manage unlimited work orders. Set it and forget it: Preventive Maintenance schedules not only let you automatically schedule maintenance, but it helps your assets to last longer and lowers the number of unexpected breakdowns in your facilities.

Branded Group implemented Officetrax to stop work from falling through the cracks.

Read the case study here where Kiira Esposito from Branded Group discusses how she can't imagine handling her workload without Officetrax.

Case Study

Kiira Esposito

VP of Business Development

Reporting & Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights for your team.

Create custom adhoc reports that capture all the details that are important to you or your team. You can set your reports up to run on a schedule and add recipients to be notified about the reports. You can also review analytics on your dashboard and throughout the application that help your team make important decisions.

Total Work Order Count by Priority

Asset Management

Lower your repair costs.

You can determine whether you should invest in repairing an asset or if replacement gives you the best value. You can view all your past repair and maintenance history, see warranty details, and even view a depreciation forecast to help you make your important asset-related decisions.

Top Occurring Problems


Not cooling
2 Excessive noise 25%
3 Not heating 20%
4 No power 15%


Brown Paper Towel


For use with the H-00L lever dispenser or the H-00A automatic dispenser. 350 sheets per roll. 12 rolls per case. Color is kraft.

Inventory Management

Track every part and supply to optimize your Inventory.

Easily check your inventory levels, submit purchase requests, or transfer supplies. You can store part numbers, suppliers, images, costs, specifications, and track your stock numbers.

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