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Officetrax is a comprehensive suite of cloud based software components designed to drive the cost of managing multi facility maintenance processes lower.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that "It's good to know" those things that are important to running a successful facilities management program.

Officetrax puts in place all the necessary checks and balances to make every dollar spent count by avoiding unnecessary calls whenever possible and by enforcing strict financial rules thus ensuring predictable and controllable spending habits.

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Facility Facts!

Facility Facts!
Habitat 67 is a 148 unit housing complex made up of 354 cubes. It was erected for 1967ís World Fair held in Montréal, Canada. After the fair, the complex was designed to provide single family housing with privacy that most city apartment buildings lack. Each unit has its own terrace and there are plenty of amenities for its residents to enjoy. Habitat 67 is located at 2600 Pierre Dupuy Avenue, Montreal, QC along the Saint Lawrence River.